Blue Flower

Sahar Hashemi is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Coffee Republic. This short clip offers one of the best explainations of diversity I have listened to. She talks about being yourself. In this she means not having a different persona for work and one for home. Speaking about generational gaps, and the development of personality in the workplace, people should be a 100% themselves; baggage and all. Authenticity of the person is a valuable commodity. In arguing you should take all of 'yourself' into the workplace, she includes both head and heart. Knowing yourself is key to this, and often the starting point for knowing your own people in your own workplace. You can draw similarities to the work of Peter Fuda and the so-called wearing of a 'mask.' Skillfully viewing this through the lens of diversity presents a compelling leadership offering. People with line management responsibilities should take note, as this impacts significantly on the wellbeing of the workforce, and of how people view you as a leader.



View the clip here:


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