Blue Flower

Talent Management has got the public sector scratching its head at the moment. How do we find time and resources to invest in this critical area of business through this unprecedented period of cutbacks and downsizing? We know that to attract, retain and reward quality people is the key to a successful and sustainable business. A recent forum on the discusses some of the key components and offers a number of opinions  from a variety of credible sources.

 Insanity - Einstein

But perhaps we need to do a little 'reframing' for our people?

The numerous opportunities for advancement experienced over the preceding years are simply not an option at the moment. So it could be a matter of holding our nerve, seeing 'success' through a different lens (reframing), and leading our people through; resilience plays a major role here. One of the oft quoted aspects of resilience is that of 'thinking errors' and how our mind plays havoc with what we really know to be common sense (see the page on this site). A good example of this is the fact that there are few opportunities at the moment, yet we convince ourselves we are the exception, and get down in the dumps when we are not catapulted to the top. Look for other conduits to provide meaning and purpose to your work, and that of your charges; it will pay dividends when the dust settles!


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