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The Minister for Policing and the Fire Service Nick Hurd has heard from experts and senior officers on police wellbeing at a roundtable on Tuesday 16 January.

The roundtable, chaired by the minister, focused on how the government can assist police chiefs in their statutory duty to manage the welfare of their officers. It was attended by police leaders, including Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, who is the National Police Chiefs Council Lead on Wellbeing, as well as experts from across government, Public Health England, and mental health charities.

Minister Hurd

The College of Policing has also carried out important work in this area. CC Rhodes and Dr Ian Hesketh of the College have led the design of The Blue Light Wellbeing Framework – the first ever sector-specific self-assessment management tool. It is available via Oscar Kilo, a website that brings together those responsible for wellbeing and shares learning and best practice.

Minister for Policing and the Fire Service Nick Hurd said:

"Policing can be a very demanding job. Officers have demonstrated extraordinary courage and fortitude in the face of major challenges over the past year, including terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire. I am grateful to them for their tireless work and dedication to duty.

It is imperative that policing provides excellent support to its officers and staff – which is why I’m keen to listen to those with the most experience on how to do this best.

The government takes the issue of police welfare very seriously, and this event provides an opportunity to review progress so far and put plans in place for the future."

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This is the intro to the Health at Work Conference 2018

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As governments throughout the world experience increasing fiscal challenges, the pressures on public sectors to streamline services and harness technological advances is unprecedented.  Many have undergone huge budgetary cuts as a result, but what are the effects of this intense organizational change on such a large and varied workforce?  And how can managers within the public sector meet the challenge of delivering services whilst maintaining the health and well-being of staff tasked with carrying out the work?

Managing Health and Well-Being in the Public Sector: A Guide to Best Practice is the ideal companion to any manager in these challenging times.  Exploring the realities of working in the public sector, and those factors which can add meaning and purpose to working life, the book provides managers with a practical toolkit for creating the best working environment, as well as nurturing resilience and motivation within their staff. 

Written by two authors with a lifetime of experience in the field, the book also examines why promoting occupational health and well-being is beneficial to organizations, drawing on a wealth of international research to support this argument.  It concludes with a series of case studies in which an international range of public sector managers discuss initiatives they have implemented, and how successful they have been. 

This is the ideal companion for any manager working in the public sector.  It will also be instructive reading for any student or researcher of occupational or organizational psychology, as well as HRM. 

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