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My good friend Dr Jan Goss provides an overview of Mindfulness, and how it can help with our Well-being...

Mindfulness is unavoidable at the moment! It pops up in the media, on BBC TV and radio, in the daily broadsheets, popular magazines, and in 1000’s of books on the subject. It is being heralded as a remedy for insomnia, an aid to focus and concentration, a technique to improve engagement, work satisfaction, and productivity. It is also used to reduce stress and combat depression and anxiety by relaxing the mind and body and in turn increasing emotional resilience.

So what is mindfulness? It is a calm and clear state of mind, the result of letting go of anxieties by simply bringing our

Lark or an Owl? Circadian Rhythms

Sleep patterns, working around the clock, different types of light, and our personality type all impact on our sleeping habits; and Well-being.

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The time of day when a person functions at their best, or their 'Chronotype,' has been a subject researchers have been interested in for some time, and is particularly relevant for those who work 24/7.  Broadly split into 'Larks' and 'Owls', knowing your own type can assist you to lead a healthier lifestyle. It seems our 'Circadian Rhythm' is born out of our instinct to feed, 'early bird catches the worm' and all that. The rhythm is set by our reaction to day and night (light), our 'body clock', with some of us

Taking leave of our sickness - a new perspective

During a Well-being intervention study, Ian Hesketh and Prof Cary Cooper from Lancaster University Management School introduce the concept of Leaveism.

The effectiveness on Well-being interventions in the Policing arena is a relatively under-explored area of management science. The current [UK] economic climate has brought unprecedented challenges to the Police Service; along with many other public sector bodies. In a study to establish to what extent Leadership and Resilience impacts on Police Well-being, researchers uncovered a phenomenon they coined as 'Leaveism' to describe a lacuna in current thinking on responses to sickness and overload in the workplace.

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The below is a typical account of what attracts people to the wonderful world of Policing; and what reality awaits. But as we hear, there is a lot of emotion to deal with as you enter and serve in the UK Police service. The purpose of these guest blogs is to explore different perspectives, striving to give a balanced view of what many of us see as our vocation...

"How I realised the Police was my passion.

I never thought I would work for the Police, to be honest I never really thought about the Police growing up or even when looking for career options, however I relocated soon after graduating from university with a Degree in Interior Design and the grim reality to the lack of employment soon hit home.

I ended up working in the Police Control room as Radio Dispatcher. If I’m honest I joined on the off chance, and because

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